We are always on the lookout for new partners who cater to holistic goods & services to join us! Concept YOUtopia is the first multivendor marketplace that unites producers of goods along with service professionals as well as event venues to create an online virtual holistic center with penetration points into communities for participating in events across the globe. To achieve this goal and expand it, we will do this in three phases:
Concept YOUtopia begins by creating this platform that allows entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals to create their own storefront with little to no technical expertise. Here you can sell any good or item as well as professional services geared for holistic living and the nurturing of the complete person in body mind spirit. To help us grow, we are recruiting suppliers such as artists, clothing designers, sculptors, jewelry designers, CBD wholesalers, authors, candle makers, essential oil distributors, skin & beauty product manufacturers, watch makers and ultimately anyone who provides a good for the person, home or office that is uplifting.

Likewise, our platform makes it easy for professionals who don't provide a physical good but instead provide services for helping others such as motivational speakers, reiki healers, massage therapists, ayurveda practitioners, acupunturists, naturophatic doctors, homeopathic doctors, chiropractors, life coaches, ethical financial advisors, travel agents and others who are responsible and aim to put the customer first!
To hold our professionals accountable, all of our products and services posted can be reviewed by the customer. Any producer who consistently receives low marks can be removed from our site. Likewise, if a customer states they've never received a good or service, we retain the right to withhold payment until an investigation is conducted. We provide all of the marketing and advertising efforts and bring customers to you and it is important we maintain the integrity of our site!
As we continue to grow, we will need to scale and will be hiring IT professionals, software engineers, web developers, etc who will help us to always stay ahead and continuously improve the security of our site. We currently have very advanced triple-layers of encrypted protection for all payment transactions. As we continue to grow globally, we will make it easier to have language translation and currency conversion to ensure you're able to reach all of the customers worldwide who may be seeking your business!
In time, we will create our brick & mortar Holistic Living Center which will bring together all the online marketplace features as well as a storefront location that is inviting to local customers in the community. This will allow local professionals showcase their goods and services. This will include a health food cafe, free WiFi for patrons to use as well as the facilities for visitors to receive treatments right at the location and/or buy other goods firsthand.
Join us now to be one of the first to leverage your business and grow with us as we grow! For any further questions you may email us at careers[@]
"Utopia begins with YOU!"