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Our commissions start as low as a 1% and are never any higher than 3% regardless of the product or price!

Let us help you unlock the potential of your business while providing you with the #1 platform for OMtrepreneurs networking across the globe through trade shows, expos, conferences, retreats, fairs, festivals, seminars, workshops & conventions.

We also give you strategies, techniques, blogs and a network of professionals for you to learn from, do business with, get referrals, provide reviews and expand your business reach. We process payments on our triple-secure SSL-encrypted platform, have security specialists & fraud detection systems to protect you & your buyers 24/7 or choose your own platform like PayPal, Stripe & more.

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  • Enjoy the benefits of a Multi-Vendor Marketplace. We focus on marketing, advertising, expanding and growing. You, the OMtrepreneur, focus on providing great products and increasing revenue!

  • We provide the platform for easy shopping, saving, sharing, favoriting and purchasing! You enjoy the benefits of receiving commissions, sales tracking, payouts and growing business!

  • We supply an easy to use platform for you to build your own unique online shop with little to no technical knowledge. You get started in minutes, listing products, making friends, business acquaintances and new customers!

  • We help vendors, supplies, producers, manufacturers, drop shippers and businesses to benefit from a multitude of various business products exposure. You get to enjoy all of the traffic to find customers looking for you!

  • We put in the hard work of building relationships, negotiating opportunities, increasing functionality and investing in a global platform that allows you to strengthen your local presence while expanding your global reach!

  • We are deeply invested and committed to your success! The more we grow, the more you grow! The more successful you are, the more successful we become. The relationship is mutually beneficial!

Holistic Nexus for Global Transformation!

We help local OMtrepreneurs (vendors) become more global and global vendors feel more local. YOUtopians (customers) want big savings opportunities while also supporting small upcoming businesses who still provide great customer service!

  • Generate online sales and traffic from desktops to hand-held devices. Your customers will find you regardless of which electronic medium they use either desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

  • The multivendor shopping cart system is built on flexible technology and thus delivers multivendor eCommerce stores that give optimal experience on smartphones & tablets. No need for you to invest in a separate mobile eCommerce site!

  • We understand the importance of protecting valuable customer data. That’s why Concept YOUtopia delivers multiple layers of security to guard your feature rich multivendor ecommerce store!

  • You just get to focus on your own eCommerce Store, marketing and growing your online business via word of mouth or social media platforms; we have already figured out the security part for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Concept YOUtopia? Concept YOUtopia is the first Multi-Vendor Marketplace that focuses on the niche industry of all things spiritual including aromatherapy, ayurveda, yoga sets, meditation cushions, singing bowls, social entrepreneur gifts, holistic living products, health items, diet products, vitamins, supplements, life coaching expertise, art, electronics, bracelets, necklaces, rings, grooming products, watches, green living extras, eco-friendly clothing, jewelry, candles, incense, incense burners, malas, prayer beads, exercise, articles, videos, books & more. We bring OMtrepreneurs (vendors) together and allow them to sell in person as well as online!

Why should I create a shop?

You get to create a shop in order to establish your businesses' own brand, keep its integrity and market your unique products and services the way you like! You get to control your pricing, delivery and customer service. You get to be as aggressive and/or invest as much time as you like to grow your business. But even while you are sleeping, Concept YOUtopia is on the job, marketing, expanding and attracting customer looking to purchase your items.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

Anyone can create a shop! All you need is a dream & a vision. Your shop only requires your contact information, a business name and a product to sell. Once you've registered, Concept YOUtopia will approve your shop when it meets the basic qualifications and then you can begin to add products to various categories, pictures, a logo and/or cover photo and begin networking or blasting your items to social media and gain followers. Once you see how easy it is to begin selling items and making money, you'll want to grow even more and deliver great new products to an ever expanding market base!

What does it cost?

Signing up for a sellers account is free! The first 30 days are a FREE TRIAL! Technically, there are no listing fees but our smallest package allows up to 100 products for $10/month which amounts to one penny (.01 cents) per item! You get to control the flexibility of how you want to grow through the number of items you list, pay per click options for greater exposure and/or advertising. Advertising helps you to get featured on the home page and other pages. Yet there are many free ways to gain exposure through reviews, favorited items & shops, recommended items and social shares.

How do I make money?

You make money anytime your product or service sells! Our Concept YOUtopia Marketplace is open 24/7 around the world. Customers are able to search for items & find your product/service through the various listing pages as well as find your shop directly. Concept YOUtopia charges a small commission between 3.5%-15% depending upon the item, the rest is deposited to your account! Your customers are able to make purchases through credit card, PayPal, Stripe and many other platforms.

What type of shop can I create?

Concept YOUtopia is a niche Marketplace catering to all sorts of entrepreneurs, vendors, sole proprietors, small businesses and/or LLC's. You can create your own niche shop or sell a variety of products including clothing, jewelry, electronics, shoes, health & beauty products, books, home & living, gifts, collectibles, sporting goods, computers, accessories or services like coaching, instruction, sessions, programs & more. You have to freedom to create the shop you like as long as it is consistent with the values of Concept YOUtopia LLC. Shops that are vulgar, offensive or pornographic in nature will not be allowed.

How do I market my shop?

Once you've created your unique shop on Concept YOUtopia, you can use your business name, add logos, a cover photo and select a short url of your choice. Once you have your short url, you can use this as your web address on business cards, flyers, handouts, flyers, brochures and/or letterhead. Your listings are automatically found in searches for free but you can also purchase pay per clicks and advertise online. You, your friends and customers can also socially share your listings via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Google+ or the world wide internet!

Glocalization is the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations... Concept YOUtopia is the solution!

Concept YOUtopia is the world's leading platform connecting YOUtopians (buyers), OMtrepreneurs (sellers), Harbingers (influencers), entrepreneurs, vendors, exhibitors, trade shows, convention centers, fairs, festivals, seminars, workshops, conferences, retreats, event organizers, program managers, sales professionals & hotel venues under one marketplace!

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