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  • “Here's my testimonial: CONCEPT YOUtopia is an amazing & professional marketplace of numerous vendors.. It operates with a very high work ethic and consistent high quality. I most value its pennies on the dollar cost compared to what it delivers in business, exposure and new customer connections.”

    Marlon Andrews
    Marlon Andrews Okinawa, Japan
  • “I personally like CONCEPT YOUtopia more than some other major platforms like ebay, etsy or amazon as it feels more like a social network of like-minded people from around the world seeking to be prosperous while delivering products they're passionate about in their most authentic format. You can find or sell some of the most unique and original pieces of clothing, jewelry, shoes, electronics or health products!"

    Randy Kemp
    Randy Kemp Chicago, IL
  • “I am proud to be a CONCEPT YOUtopia member as I consider myself not only an entrepreneur but someone who cares about the environment, society and making a better world. CONCEPT YOUtopia helps local vendors become more global thus allowing the small business owner to succeed where they normally cannot against the mega corporations who may be in the neighborhood. CONCEPT YOUtopia will be the wave of the future!”

    Fred Ogletree MBA
    Fred Ogletree MBA Macon, GA
  • “CONCEPT YOUtopia is an enthusiastic, friendly and qualified marketplace with infectious energy. CONCEPT YOUtopia gives you everything you want in achieving your business goals. Leverage all the simple to use tools to connect with new customers through social media, SEO and direct marketing.”

    Dr Derek Lamar
    Dr Derek Lamar Albuquerque, NM
  • "CONCEPT YOUtopia provides a positive, energetic and excellent gathering place for buyers & sellers from around the world. It moves quickly and delivers important solutions & technologies that will not only increase your sales but do so in an innovative manner. Join today to save money, be the first to find new products and/or expose your business to new shoppers!"

    Paul Silva
    Paul Silva Phoenix, AZ
  • “I am happy to recommend CONCEPT YOUtopia Marketplace for any products you provide to increase your sales! It is a simple and easy to use site that provides you with options to create your own shop, unique short url, add products, set your own prices, ship easily and even make money as an affiliate for everyone you help sign up who buys or sells!"

    Tim Kavi
    Tim Kavi Portland, OR
  • "Imagine if you could get on board with Amazon, Google, eBay, Uber, Etsy or AirBNB early on before they became household names. I believe CONCEPT YOUtopia is that next be opportunity to find financial independence and grow with a startup company destined for mega-success!"

    Daniel Kalson
    Daniel Kalson Tampa/St Petersburg, FL
  • "As an artist, I find CONCEPT YOUtopia to be the perfect place to display my work to a worldwide audience. I do a lot of local expos, trade shows and fairs as a vendor so my customers can see my work first hand but CONCEPT YOUtopia gives me an opportunity for them to buy when they're ready as well as introduce my art to strangers on the other side of the globe!"

    Bobette Stanbridge
    Bobette Stanbridge Santa Maria, CA
  • “I had the opportunity to get to learn about CONCEPT YOUtopia as a member of the Atlanta Urban League Young Professionals. As President of this great organization, I had the opportunity to interact with active members of the organization. CONCEPT YOUtopia helped to increase that participation in many of the professional development workshops for small business owners. CONCEPT YOUtopia helps provide a great platform especially for minority businesses to expand their reach and audience at a small budget!"

    William Bryant Jr
    William Bryant Jr Dallas, TX
  • “CONCEPT YOUtopia allows me the pleasure of meeting, networking and learning from other great entrepreneurs and vendors. It contains many marketing strategies, tools, blog, newsletters and not to mention a diverse member base to sell more products!”

    Rochelle Mack-Tate
    Rochelle Mack-Tate Atlanta, GA
  • “CONCEPT YOUtopia is pioneering and really helps to bridge the physical aspect of exposing business products to customers via trade shows to providing a 24/7 around the clock platform for not only the customers we meet locally to find us again but millions of people who who'll never see at an expo to find our products. I look forward to watching CONCEPT YOUtopia grow and provide exciting new resources to transform how introducing new products to market is done!"

    Frank DeVito
    Frank DeVito Boston, MA
  • "As a Naval Captain, I travel a lot to many conventions and workshops. I believe CONCEPT YOUtopia will one day be a platform for business owners, venues and exhibitors to communicate, network and simplify the process of connecting and streamlining the presentation experience!"

    Capt Godfrey Weekes
    Capt Godfrey Weekes Washington, DC