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What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is a business area, strategy or philosophy of identify social, cultural or environmental concerns and reverse engineering solutions to help alleviate the problem while also creating a sound business platform that helps others, fulfills a need all while making a profitable and sustainable business structure. Some social entrepreneurs can be non-profits but many are still profitable but not to the detriment of the environment, the populace or society but instead creating positive benefits for those within the company as well as the customer.

Social entrepreneurs may create businesses relating to improving healthcare, alleviating poverty, preserving the environment or simply doing things in a new way utilizing technology to make work easier or less harmful. Social entrepreneurs may leverage technology to help impoverished countries, build systems to cause less harm to the environment, make eco-friendly clothing or provide essential products and services to a community in need for development.

This type of entrepreneurship will oftentimes do things to help the less fortunate such as creating a restaurant that provides jobs to the homeless as well as food. It also tends to take advantage of the internet, technology, smart phones and apps particularly social networking and social media platforms. This method of spreading the word is cost-effective and enables social entrepreneurs to reach a large number of people who are not geographically close yet who share the same goals and encourage them to collaborate online, learn about issues, disseminate information about the company’s events and activities as well as possibly raise funds through crowdfunding.

Holistic Entrepreneurs Network:

Concept YOUtopia is a network for social entrepreneurs to sell their products and services directly to an audience that is seeking responsible companies that create unique items that help others, the less fortunate and preserves the earth’s resources. Here you can find customers, create a storefront, take advantage of our exclusive client base and network with those who share your sentiment.

Our network makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create their own webpage storefront and sell their books, clothes, jewelry, electronics and more. After joining Concept YOUtopia, you can upload articles, photos, videos and even use our social media links to share your products and posts with all of your followers and friends on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and more!

If you’re seeking to grow your business, expand your practice, sell your services and even see what other social entrepreneurial efforts are doing to be creative then Concept YOUtopia is a great free or low-cost option to start with.

Find a host of social entrepreneurs and holistic experts to help you in body mind spirit providing their services through our Concept YOUtopia platform: 

Social Entrepreneur Marketplace:

Concept YOUtopia is a worldwide marketplace with the potential to reach millions of customers in many countries helping you to build your brand and even travel to new places while making money building your brand. Concept YOUtopia brings together many like-minded entrepreneurs creating synergy and a vision that becomes contagious. We also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to find or host conferences worldwide. It allows for customer reviews and feedback serving as a sort of think tank to allow you to perfect your product and ultimately increase sales. We have very in-depth and diverse entrepreneurs specializing in many areas of life including:

·Using Technology for Body Mind Spirit Growth

·Eco-Friendly Clothing Lines

·Apps for Health, Nutrition, Diet & Exercise

·Meditation and Yoga Practice Applications

·Non-Profit Startups

·Creating Jobs in the Private Sector

·Financial Smarts and Crowdfunding

·Providing Energy, Computers and Essential Life Needs

·Entrepreneurship and Growing Businesses

·Vegetarianism and Veganism Technologies for Saving the Environment

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