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OMtrepreneurs consists of transformational entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs & truth-seekers who understand our outer lives are merely an extension of our inner being. Our goal is to bridge spiritual principles with entrepreneurialism. We take a holistic, conscientious & balanced approach to building businesses, making money, helping others & philanthropy. The only way to change the world is by inspiring individuals to look within to change themselves.

Our work begins with inner awakening which results in outer changes to how we experience relationships, how we live and the work we do. Part of our intention is to grow enterprises geared to not just to generate profits but to help solve problems or improve the livelihood of others. We provide support, share ideas, give referrals and network with others to help them grow their business ventures. Members are encouraged to cross promote, provide services and share resources that are mutually beneficial to one another and society at large.

So what is an OMtrepreneur(TM)? An Omtrepreneur(TM) is a (portmanteau) - combination of the two words Om (Aum) and Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is essentially anyone who starts a new business venture. The word Om is a sacred and divine sound for creation or manifestation. Together they mean an entrepreneur who follows their unique, sacred & divine talents to create businesses (or non-profits) that contribute to the betterment of the global community.

Being an OMtrepreneur(TM) is less about WHAT you do and more about HOW you do it! It means to perform all actions unselfishly with full consciousness, awareness and devotion. If your work is done to help improve the lives of others then you are an OMtrepreneur(TM). This form of entrepreneurship leads to good karmic action and the betterment of all mankind. Our ultimate goal is to help nurture complete persons in body, mind and spirit:

Body: For the body we promote healthy diets, nutrition, exercise, self-control, discipline, partnerships, alliances and support groups.

Mind: For a healthy mind we promote mental development through education, networking, meditation, book clubs, self-study & financial well-being.

Spirit: For the spirit we promote yoga, creativity, poetry, art, reading, dialogue, music & inspiration with the ultimate goal being self-realization.

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