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What is Meditation?

Many people believe meditation to simply be sitting still, focusing on your thoughts or trying to stop thinking altogether. People suggest "I am meditating" or "I'm going to meditate." However, meditating is actually a misnomer as meditation isn't truly a verb; it is an adjective and a noun. Meditation describes a state of being or awareness. In the science of yoga, there are considered eight limbs of yoga. Meditation is the seventh limb of yoga known in Sanskrit as Dhyana. 

In other words, one can do things such as sitting still, calming the breath, concentration, etc which are helpful but it is sincere, consistent effort that will ultimately lead one to the state of dhyana or meditation. A person can practice certain behaviors and exercises that will in time bring one to meditation in which they no longer see themselves as their thoughts or identify with the restlessness of the mind. Meditation is an actionless state. When one begins to enter the meditative state consistently, he or she will eventually attain the state of Samadhi which is spiritual bliss. 

Meditation Network:

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Enjoy this video with calm soothing music that helps you to relax, be still and experience an almost meditative state!