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Concept YOUtopia - Who Are We?

A "concept" is an abstract idea or general notion. "Utopia" is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities. Now we don't believe that this world will ever be perfect or is meant to be perfect. However, we believe in the idea that that there is "perfect" place inside of you! This is a place of awareness, consciousness and state of well-being. And when this self-realization is found, it is something we are inspired to share with others.

Concept YOUtopia is YOUnique and doing business unlike any other. Our business model is one of a kind and as we expand will incorporate more services for networking helping members with expertise to help you holistically. We have created a system that helps individuals, families and businesses with holistic services that not only help you but the environment and those around you. We are a socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious platform that helps the community. We believe that all outer experience begins with inner change. "Utopia begins with YOU!" but you must take the first step...

Transformational Marketplace:

Concept YOUtopia - is a holistic marketplace for body mind spirit. We are a Spiritual Nexus for Global Transformation and aim to be the world’s largest multi-vendor marketplace for holistic goods, services and experts like entrepreneurs, coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists, reiki masters, ayurveda practitioners & authors and connect them with buyers seeking products such as books, yoga instruction, videos, nutrition, CBD, holistic living, jewelry, malas, beaded bracelets, vitamins, supplements, herbs, incense, soy candles, meditation beads, blankets & much more. Additionally, anytime you make a purchase on Concept YOUtopia, a percentage of your purchase goes towards non-profit charitable work to help the less fortunate worldwide.

One of our aims is to be a resourceful and comprehensive spiritual network. We are a book publishing company and worldwide spiritual movement to awaken hearts everywhere. As a company, it is our intention to leverage our book publishing along with our social media presence, articles, videos, beaded bracelets and photos to continuously inspire our supporters daily. We ask you to share posts, add comments, give us feedback, utilize our resources, educate yourself and join our group.

Concept YOUtopia Members (3 Types):

1. YOUtopians (SHOPPERS): Essentially, anyone who joins Concept YOUtopia is immediately considered a YOUtopian. A YOUtopian is just our unique way of identifying shoppers or buyers who want to buy products that are created or manufactured with some degree of social consciousness either for the individual, the masses or the environment. Through Concept YOUtopia, YOUtopians (buyers) will be able to come directly to our site to search, find and purchase unique products AND services from the OMtrepreneurs, vendors, designers, manufacturers and businesses from around the world. This allows the YOUtopian (purchaser) to find the most genuine and unique items such as jewelry, clothing, electronics, books, health products, perfumes, colognes, beauty supplies, phone accessories, watches, school supplies & more, many before ever hitting the mainstream, at the best prices and have them shipped directly to their home!

2. OMTREPRENEURS (SELLERS): An OMtrepreneur (seller) is our unique way of identifying individuals, designers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and/or businesses that embrace the concept of creating products, gifts and items that are made with some degree of consciousness towards the YOUtopian (buyer), the masses and the environment. The word "OMtrepreneur" is a portmanteau or combination of two words. In this case, OM (AUM) and entrepreneur. OM is a sacred word or vibration for creation or manifestation. An entrepreneur is one who pursues a new business practice. Together, the word OMtrepreneur is one who creates a business they feel is in sync with their divine purpose.

OMtrepreneurs can sell new products onlinesell used items or even refurbished merchandise. All types of small business owners, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and corporations can create their own store front, list their complete products and/or services and sell directly to YOUtopians (customers) everywhere. Concept YOUtopia provides multiple layers of security to protect the YOUtopian (customer) and OMtrepreneur (seller) to ensure smooth and safe transactions. Vendors expand their reach and sell more products. Vendors & customers alike are also able to search and find events, trade shows, conferences, expos, workshops, seminars, fairs, festivals and conventions in all of the major countries and cities. Vendors will be able to book booths, network and attend events.

Just some of our OMtrepreneurs consist of:

3. HARBINGERS (INFLUENCERS): The word "Harbinger" simply means a person who announces or signals the approach of another or one who is the forerunner of something. In the case of Concept YOUtopia, our Harbingers are members who join to simply earn money by sharing posts, links, articles or information about Concept YOUtopia to their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As a Harbinger, you have a unique identifier and anyone who joins Concept YOUtopia and makes a purchase, the Harbinger earns a commission or percentage of that sale made! 

Concept YOUtopia Vision & History! 

Our long-term goal is to one day have holistic living centers worldwide for people to patron for fellowship, products, services and networking. Join our Concept YOUtopia marketplace as we encourage articles, photos & videos on spiritual teachings, scientific exploration, social change and current affairs. We discuss yoga, enlightenment, law of attraction, lightworkers, ayurveda, reiki, the human condition, religion, quantum physics, meditation and all things for the betterment of mankind and the planet. 

Lateef Warnick is a speaker, best-selling spiritual author, certified life coach and Founder of Concept YOUtopia. In this capacity he travels internationally spreading the message of universal love, personal and professional growth, spiritual awakening, yoga, holistic living, political involvement, social change and self-realization. We hope to one day establish Concept YOUtopia Productions which will bring to the masses spiritually inspired full-length films to the box office!
"Utopia begins with YOU!"