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We are always seeking new green companies, eco-friendly businesses, renewable energy manufacturers, natural designers, organic organizations, spiritual movements, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, vegans, socially conscious groups or otherwise, Whether you're simply seeking to learn more, network or find more members to share your message, we invite you to join us! Explore our Green Contractors.

What is Global Change?

Global change refers to global-scale changes in the planetary system which includes the land, oceans, atmosphere, polar caps, living creatures, the earth’s natural cycles, deep core processes as well as the influence of human beings. While some of the Earth’s natural processes are beyond the control of mankind, we choose to focus on the aspects that we may, in fact, be able to impact. In its entirety, "global change" include population, climate, the economy, resource consumption, energy development, transportation, communication, land usage, urbanization, globalization, atmospheric circulation, oceanic influences, food chains, pollution, health and man’s zeitgeist or collective consciousness.

Concept YOUtopia is a holistic marketplace for body mind spirit and we are a Spiritual Nexus for Global Transformation. In spite of the apparent differences in race, nationality, language, religion or otherwise, we recognize that the world is evolving, changing and becoming smaller. Our aim is to help steer the world towards greater unity, peace, understanding and Oneness. Our hope is to inspire and awaken souls worldwide to join our movement for global change to help preserve the planet and life itself. We believe it is possible to create businesses, cultural exchange and improve the quality of life for many while respecting the earth and its people. We know in order to truly create global change, we must empower people in the most remote parts of the world to be able to find financial freedom. We know that many have been disenfranchised. One of the ways we help is to provide greater financial opportunity to transformational businesses is to list for free on our Green Businesses Directory, for minorities our Black Business Directory as well as our Spiritual Business Directory.

A Green Living Network:

After years of social media experience, we’ve found that the four most engaging areas for impacting change are wisdom, love, laughter and recognition.
WISDOM: Ultimately, we espouse outer change is simply a result of inner awakening. We understand the highest knowledge is self-knowledge that awakens by looking within. We believe "the greatest service you can render unto the world is your own self-realization." Ramana Maharishi 
LOVE: We do NOT promote any one particular religious, political or social view. In spite of our differences, we believe the power of love can conquer all. The highest expression of love is unconditional and universal!
LAUGHTER: Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Science has also proven the benefits mentally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. You can use us to find great fairs and festivals to have a good time near you!
RECOGNITION: We aim to acknowledge, recognize and honor everyday people, social entrepreneurs and leaders who in some way contribute to the greater good of the human race. We invite you to share articles and posts of friends, family and loved ones living and/or deceased who have impacted your life directly or indirectly in a positive way.

The Renewable Energy Global Marketplace:

As a global marketplace network, we have three types of the members: The first are called YOUtopians (shoppers). These are simply those Truth-Seekers who may not run businesses but help provide "spiritual support" for others as students, teachers, yogis, lightworkers etc. We encourage articles, photos & videos on spiritual teachings, scientific exploration, social change and current affairs. We discuss enlightenment, law of attraction, ayurveda, reiki, the human condition, religion, quantum physics, meditation, God & more. We ask all to be open minded in their comments.
Our second type of members are referred to as OMtrepreneurs (sellers); a combination of "Aum” the sacred word for creation and "entrepreneur" symbolizing "those who create businesses and non-profits using their divine talents to help others. We encourage all to share their positive ventures, support one another and share resources.
The third type of members are called Harbingers (Influencers) who simply help to promote Concept YOUtopia to their social media networks and receive a commission on purchases made by people who signup using their unique links.
By serving the individual through the lens of self-realization, we hope to inspire all towards becoming more holistic in their lives, relationships and community. Please stay active, invite friends and help us grow! If each new member took the time to invite one other person, who shared our sentiment, then we’d grow exponentially and would be well on our way towards becoming a more enlightened society; this is the best possible global change. When we change our understanding, the decisions we make and the positive vibrations we create have a healing affect on the planet and how we interact with it.
If you share our sentiment and want to help us spread yoga, self-realization and universal love to a world in desperate need, please do so. If you can donate, great! If not, you can purchase a book. Or you can simply help by SHARING this post and/or joining us so we can continue to distribute our videos, books, blog, website & spiritual movement! We are all Global Citizens!