Best Place to Sell Your Used Items Online


New Items:

If you are a vendor or supplier, you can create a shop to sell new products to customers. New products are considered any item that you specifically hand made or purchased from a manufacturer/distributor that has never been used by a customer before. If you would like to sell this type of product, it is easy to post, sell and ship to buyers.

Used Items: 

You've heard the expression "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" Well Concept YOUtopia helps you to get money for all that treasure you have laying around your home. Sign up on Concept YOUtopia for free, create a shop, based on how many items you have to sell you can choose a package to fit your budget, add your products and then get exposure around the world to our exclusive customers to sell your items. Concept YOUtopia is the best place to sell your new or used items online. Remember, that clutter around your home... used to be money! Let us help you turn it into money again!

Refurbished Items:

This is also an option on Concept YOUtopia. If you have items or products that may have not been working properly when new and you have the means to refurbish them then you can sell these products to customers. It is important to let customers know that your product has been refurbished. Many customers are interested in these type of products because they tend to come with a nice discount as compared to a similar product that is brand new. You can even certify your refurbished products or provide a warranty if you like. This will help you to sell more products more quickly. 
Get started now by registering on Concept YOUtopia to shop from vendors worldwide. Once you've registered you can create your own shop to start selling your new, used or refurbished items, start making some extra change on the side or even create a thriving business. The choice is up to you!